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Find cash where most find costs.

Experts in energy evaluations, we scour utility bills for cost savings, procure energy incentives, and install energy-efficient equipment with quick returns.

What we do.

Managed Energy Systems uncovers and pursues energy savings for manufacturers, distribution, and commercial business operations. We review utility bills for hidden savings, procure energy incentives on their behalf, and install energy-efficient equipment with quick returns.

Our services.

We save businesses money and time.

Utility Bill Audits

Need to cut costs? Offset increasing expenses? Hit budget? Utility bills hold hidden savings. MES finds cash in those bills. And while utilities seem like an untouchable expense, we frequently uncover savings in such bills with absolutely no capital outlay.  Money that belongs to you.


Energy Management

A comprehensive Energy Management Program to reduce price, usage, improve sustainability, and provide you with knowledgeable resources.  A no risk full service cost reduction approach that provides a deep dive into all your utility costs and usage.

Energy Incentives

Considering new construction, renovations or other significant capital equipment investments? Energy incentives are available, but go frequently undetected. We find and procure these incentives to defray the investment in a project, and allow a business to stretch their capital dollars.

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LED Lighting

Lighting upgrades are the low hanging fruit of energy efficiency. MES makes the process of implementing LED Products more effective by making sure that you have the best options available to achieve the cash flow objectives and energy/maintenance requirements needed for your project.


Power Factor

Power Factor Correction provides well-known benefits to electric power systems. These benefits include eliminating utility penalties from poor power factor,  voltage support, release of system capacity, and reduced system losses. MES offers a free power factor site evaluation to help safely reduce energy expenses.


Energy Efficiency

Looking for a project with a great ROI? With many energy efficient equipment choices available, it's hard to compare their impact on your utility costs. MES can identify the equipment qualifying for incentives and how much they'll save on your bill. It's less costly over the life of your facility, to choose the right equipment the first time.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

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