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Albaugh, llc

Type of Facility:    Chemical Manufacturer

Location:   St. Joseph, MO


Methodology:   LED Lighting

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Albaugh, LLC is the largest global privately-held producer of post-patent herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plantgrowth regulators and seed treatments. Albaugh has leading market positions in four of the most widely-used post-patent agrochemicals worldwide: glyphosate, 2.4-D, atrazine and dicamba. Albaugh has a global direct market presence, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe.



Albaugh's 522,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in St. Joseph, MO was fitted with outdated lighting that created a poorly lit and potentially unsafe environment.


They connected with Managed Energy Systems to replace lighting with newer, more efficient LED lighting that would not only improve the facilities lighting, but also maximize energy savings and incentives.



In close cooperation with Albaugh, MES put together a plan to complete a project to retrofit the Albaugh facility to LED lighting.


Due to the facility and chemicals set-up, the conditions were challenging. In order to gain the maximum energy incentives, the project also had to be completed on a short deadline.


MES was able to meet the deadline and retrofitted the entire Albaugh facility to LED lighting, maximizing the utility incentive, energy savings, and improved lighting levels and safety. 

total five year IMPACT:


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