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block real estate services

Type of Facility:    Developer


Location:   Kansas City, MO & Paducah, KY


Methodology:   LED Lighting

Company OverView


Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES) is a full-service commercial real estate company managing over 40 million square feet of retail, office, industrial property and over 7,500 units of multifamily property for equity partnerships and third-party owners. BRES’s portfolio of services continues its role as the most comprehensive commercial real estate firm in Kansas City.



Block had tenants asking to upgrade to LED lighting. At both locations, Block paid for the utility bill rather than the tenant which means an LED upgrade would benefit both parties. With relationships across the country, Block had many options on which contractor to choose to complete the LED upgrades.



Block hired MES to complete two turnkey lighting retrofits. MES was comprehensive in its audits and very competitively priced. MES had quality fixtures that Block was comfortable with.


In addition, MES was able to help Block capture energy incentives at both locations. Both property managers were delighted with the improvement in ambiance at their offices after the lighting retrofit.

Total FIVE



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