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BMS logistics

Type of Facility:    Warehouse & Logistics

Location:   22 locations across the nation

Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit and LED Lighting

Company OverView

Headquarter in St. Joseph, MO since 1987, BMS Logistics works with clients as a single-source partner in contract packaging, online order fulfillment and warehousing. 



BMS Logistics is growing quickly through acquisition and was looking for an expert with industry experience to reduce energy expenses and be more profitable. One of the big factors in their decision was to find a company that could manage all of their needs but would require a minimal amount of time involvement from BMS staff.



During the initial engagement and subsequent utility bill audit, MES was able to identify 18 total opportunities for savings among the locations.


Projects not requiring a capital investment included applying and increasing tax exemptions, moving natural gas meters to transportation and negotiating improved gas rates. At its pharmaceutical location, MES was able to collaborate with the municipality to reduce sewer costs for water used in production.


MES also retrofitted 6 outdated lighting facilities to LED for improved lighting levels, safety, and energy as well as maintenance savings. In addition, MES corrected power factor for one site that was being penalized monthly.


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