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chance rides

Type of Facility:    Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer 


Location:   Wichita, KS


Methodology:   Power Factor Correction

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Chance Rides, Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of amusement rides and people movers including carousels, trains, trams, wheels, rollercoasters, and countless other rides developed over its 56-year history. Chance Rides proudly manufactures its products in Wichita, Kansas, USA and sells to amusement parks, zoos, FECs, carnivals and other venues across the globe.



Chance Rides was being penalized on their utility bills for lower power factor and was looking for the most cost-effective solution to correct it. In addition, there was a preference not to commit capital to this project.



MES designed a custom power factor correction system and provided a guarantee the power factor problem would be corrected.


Not wanting to spend capital, MES partnered with a local finance company to offer immediate energy savings without spending any capital costs. The turnkey project was completed quickly without disruption to manufacturing.

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