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Faultless Healthcare Linen

Type of Facility:    Commerical Laundry


Location:   5 locations in Kansas City, St. Louis & Denver


Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit

Company OverView


Faultless Healthcare Linen is a healthcare linen-only laundry service provider with certified best practices that manage costs while making sure medical laundry is clean and safe. They are the only company in Missouri and Kansas with all of the critical certifications – Hygienically Clean, HLAC, Infection Control University, as well as Clean Green.



Faultless Healthcare Linen had recently saved money in the areas of telecom and truck leasing. Margins are tight in the commercial laundry industry and they wanted to see if similar savings could be generated from utilities.



After auditing the utility bills, MES found and implemented 4 savings opportunities. MES found improved electric and gas rates for its utilization.


In addition, MES assisted in finding a couple accounts that were able to be tax exempt and collect refunds. Finally, MES worked with a municipality to increase the sewer allowance going forward at one facility.

Total FIVE



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