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hilton hotels


Type of Facility:    Hotel


Location:   4 locations in the Midwest

Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit, Energy Rebates

Company OverView


HCW, a business alliance forged in 1992, is energizing communities with new development in several states. HCW, LLC has become widely known for its unique ability to assess the needs and wishes of a community and bring esthetically appropriate development that blends with the best features of each community. Today HCW has 6 hotels open and 6 more under construction.



A Midwest Hilton Ownership group had just let one of its property management firms and wanted to see if there was an opportunity to reduce expenses with utilities. The group had been very proactive with energy efficiency with LEDs and HVAC controls but had never hired a firm to audit utility bills.



MES audited all of the Hilton facilities. There were multiple energy cost savings opportunities related
to natural gas rates and sales tax.


MES partnered with another firm to complete the
predominant use studies and worked months with the utility and suppliers to find the best natural gas rate.


In addition, MES helped maximize energy incentives for a new, energy-efficient construction project.

Total FIVE




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