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Reduce Costs/Improve Profitability – Free Up Your Time – Add Energy Expertise to Your Team– No Risk Program.

Energy Management Cost Savings Program Components

Energy Price Reduction

Sustainability Improvement

Strategic Energy Plan

Guaranteed Savings

Monthly Reporting

Line Item Bill Verification

Benchmark Database

Electric Load Analysis

Supplier Negotiation

Risk Management

Energy Use Reduction

Facility Audit

Identify Opportunities

Value and Prioritize

Rebates and Funding

Carbon Reduction

Calculate Emissions

Program Tracking

Reduction Options

Establish Goals

CDP Filing Assistance

KPIs & Dashboards

Site Detailed Tracking

Communicate Issues

Gas Supply Hedging

Market Intelligence

Pro-Active Roadmap

3-Year Capital Budget

Price Comparison

Risk Management

Energy Strategies

MES is the only company offering a no-risk program with a Guaranteed Level of Savings for Energy Cost Reduction for Manufacturers.

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Larry Mayberry

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