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Martin marietta


Type of Facility:    Building Materials Manufacturing


Location:   National


Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit, Rebates

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Martin Marietta, an American-based company and a member of the S&P 500 Index, is a leading supplier of aggregates and heavy building materials, with operations spanning 26 states, Canada, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. Dedicated teams at Martin Marietta supply the resources for the roads, sidewalks, and foundations on which we live.



Martin Marietta had a very good grasp on its energy spend with multiple energy consulting groups on retainer helping with utility cost reduction. A regional division wanted to check if any additional savings were available, but was doubtful MES would find anything



MES audited utility bills for manufacturing facilities sites and found 5 creative, no-cost opportunities.


MES implemented ongoing energy savings and refunds relating to electric, gas, and water/sewer rates, exemptions, and billing errors.

Total FIVE




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