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midwest block & brick

Type of Facility:    Block & Brick Manufacturer


Location:   15 locations in the Midwest


Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit and LED Lighting

Company OverView

Midwest Block & Brick is a part of the Midwest Products Group, a network of manufacturing and sales locations. They supply masonry and landscape product solutions for projects throughout the central United States and are one of the leading producers and distributors of masonry and landscape building materials.



With multiple locations requiring large amounts of energy, Midwest Block was looking at energy expense reduction as a way to become more profitable and keep a competitive edge. Without the resources or knowledge, they needed an expert to create the plan and manage the projects.



MES completed the no-risk utility bill audit and found 13 total opportunities among the locations. Midwest Block wanted to work on several locations at a time, proceeding from one location to the next as the work was completed. 


The plan MES implemented provided for ongoing energy savings as well as refunds relating to utility rates (electric, gas, water, sewer, and stormwater), exemptions, and billing errors.


In addition, MES retrofitted outdated lighting to LED for improved lighting levels, energy and maintenance savings, and safety.​​

total five

year IMPACT:



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