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Monarch cement


Type of Facility:    Manufacturer


Location:   16 locations in the Midwest

Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit

Company OverView


The Monarch Cement Company has produced the highest quality cement for its customers in the Midwest for over nine decades. Today Monarch serves all or parts of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma from the Humboldt plant as well as Monarch's terminals in Des Moines, Iowa and Dodge City, Kansas. 



Monarch had just undergone a state audit and reducing overhead expenses became a major priority. Monarch was reluctant to use to use an energy consultant but wanted another set of eyes to see if there was any way to reduce its energy expenses.



MES audited all of the Monarch facilities and subsidiaries. There were over a dozen opportunities related to sales tax exemptions, electric and natural gas rates, and power factor correction.


MES collaborated with Monarch in establishing an improved way to nominate gas usage and championed many other projects to achieve costs savings and refunds.

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