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penny's concrete

Type of Facility:    Concrete and Aggregate Manufacturer


Location:   26 plants across the Midwest


Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit, LED Lighting, Power Factor Correction

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Penny's Concrete has consistently provided high-quality concrete products since 1976. The owners, Bill and Marlene Penny have 26 plants in 22 locations in Central and Eastern Kansas, and Western Missouri, including the Kansas City area. Penny's Aggregates also has sand and rock products available at various locations



With their energy expenses growing year after year, Penny's Concrete was actively working to reduce their costs. While they knew there was the opportunity for change, without the industry expertise, they did not know where to start or what would make the most impact. That's when they turned to MES for support.



MES began with a no-risk utility bill audit and found 16 opportunities. MES implemented energy ongoing savings and refunds relating to electric, gas, and sewer rates, exemptions, and billing errors.


MES completed multiple predominant use studies as well as moved multiple gas accounts, improving gas rates by over 20%. With the help of large incentives, MES assisted Penny's in multiple LED retrofit projects to reduce energy costs, and improve light levels and safety. 


In addition, MES provided a turnkey solution to an onsite power factor correction issue to further reduce peak demand charges with a multiple year guarantee.

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