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superior bowen asphalt co.


Type of Facility:    Asphalt Manufacturer


Location:   7 locations in the Kansas City Metro


Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit, LED Lighting, Energy Incentives

Company OverView


Superior Bowen, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the largest asphalt paving and construction companies in the Midwest. The company has also expanded into new, related areas of business in which they have specific expertise. Their services include cold milling, hot mix asphalt production, asphalt additives and formulations, QA/QC lab testing, and site prep development planning and earthwork.



Prior to MES, Superior Bowen was using a national energy consulting firm on retainer to track and correct utility billing. The owner of Superior Bowen sat on a board of an organization that experienced substantial savings from the help of MES. The owner wanted MES to take a second look and see if the national energy consulting firm was missing anything.



MES Audited the utility bills and was able to find and implement 8 previously undiscovered opportunities with electricity and natural gas rates and errors.


With this success under their belt, MES was contracted to retrofit lighting at all 7 plants and 2 offices to LED lighting maximizing efficiency and incentives.


total FIVE



$1.29 m

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