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vance brothers


Type of Facility:    Manufacturing


Location:   Regional - 9 locations 

Methodology:   Utility Bill Audit, Energy Incentives and LED Lighting

Company OverView


For over ninety years, Vance Brothers has served the pavement construction and maintenance industry with products and services that help our customers do their best work. Because everything we do as a manufacturer, supplier and contractor become an integral part of the surface, we consider it our duty to make it perform better and last longer. It’s a matter of integrity.



Vance Brothers found cost savings with a telecom audit and wanted to reap additional savings with energy. There had been some progress looking at projects to reduce energy, but no one internally had wide-ranging energy expertise or time to champion the projects.



MES completed a utility bill audit and found over a dozen opportunities without capital outlay.

Vance brothers had a unique exemption available at its Colorado plant. Vance had a competitive natural
gas rate for its asphalt plants, but there was an improvement in the cashout structure. There were two sites that benefited from a change of electric rate.


In addition, Vance insulated its hot oil tanks for efficiency
and MES helped attain energy incentives. Finally, MES completing a small LED lighting project.



total Five

year IMPACT:



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